Volvariella taylorii
Volvariella taylorii
CS261 Stipe and volva
CS261 underside
Volvariella taylorii
CS278 Pubescent stipe and depressed centre
Volvariella taylorii
Cheilocystidia (CS261)
Gill trama (CS278)
Pleurocystidium (CS261)
Spores (CS261)
Volvariella taylorii (Berk. & Broome) Singer, 1951
CS261 Buskett (5/11/11)
Description: Small to medium sized agaric, on ground close to Pistacia/Pinus sp. amongst grass, solitary to scattered, terrestrial.

Pileus: Dull bronze coloured to greyish brown paler at the margin, with brownish fibrils, flat centrally depressed or with central umbo, radially fibrillose, striated at margins, dry; 25-36mm diameter.
Stipe: Whitish, glabrous in some specimens, pubescent in others, straight to slight thinning towards the base, with glabrous volva; 3-6mm diameter, 25-35mm height.
Gills: Free, close, pink to pinkish brown.

Gill trama: Convergent.
Basidia: 4-spored.
Cheilocystidia: Abundant, variously shaped from broad to elongated.
Pleurocystidia: Present variously shaped but mostly elongated some with deposits near cystidial centre.
Spores: Ellipsoid, pale pink-brown, smooth, guttulate, germ pore absent;
5.8-7.4µm x 4.2-5.3µm; Q=1.19-1.69, Qm: 1.38
Index Fungorum
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CS278 Buskett (23/11/11)
CS278 Stipe detail
Gill trama
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CS261 Underside
CS278 Volva
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