Future updates
- build a fungi identification guide
- continue with the opisthobranch identification guide
.................and continue with upload of other material !

Few corrections: Bulla sp.1 identified as Weinkauffia turgidula & Philine aperta updated to Philine quadripartita both pointed out by Dominique Horst, Scutellinia subhirtella to Scutellinia aff. umbrorum following spore examination with cotton blue.

Few corrections: Melanochlamys algirae corrected to Philinopsis miqueli, pointed out by Dominique Horst, Scutellinia subhirtella to Scutellinia aff. umbrorum following spore examination with cotton blue.

Few additions and correction (Aegires cf. leuckarti corrected to Aegires sublaevis, pointed out by E. Trainito).

Site has been down due to webhosting problems (webhoster UCVhost is not online at the moment). This necessitated several changes and site is now up and running on a different webhoster. The only problem at the moment is the contact form which is currently not working as it should. So if you need to contact use the email address indicated.

Several updates were being prepared but the software (CoffeeCup VSD) can only handle 500 pages per website. This means I have to seek alternatives to add more pages to the site. So updates will take some time to add until a decision is made on how to overcome this limitation.

Several updates and changes to Fauna, Flora & Fungi pages. Changed pages for Mollusca and Arthropoda. Total number of species is now more than 420 but several others will be uploaded soon.

Several updates and some corrections pointed out by Paolo Mazzei (change to Hippotion celerio misidentified as Hyles livornica, and change to Caradrina cf. proxima misidentified as Heliotis peltigera). The sitemap is being updated and several addition are in the pipeline. The links page need updating and possibly some corrections as the links need to be checked, hopefoly it will be done in the near future.

A number of new entries have been made as well as addition of photos to other pages (Bombus terrestris, Crematogaster scutellaris).
The list of species uploaded to date is 353 species, with more to come!

Several problems have now been solved and a number of pages have been updated/modified. A number of additions have been made and hopefully several others will be added soon.

Unfortunately due to some issues with my PC and software the updates and changes have slowed down to a halt. Hopefully the situation will be remedied soon.

Additional information presented, 320 species are currently online; other updates are being prepared to make browsing easier.

Additions to various sections finally finished, 308 species are currently online; other updates are being prepared.

Additions to various sections, 300 species are currently online. Minor updates to icons is being carried out to standardize pages.

Additions to various sections, I am limiting comments to updates to show major additions. 267 species are currently online.

A links page is finally ready. A few more species added (total number is now 247).

Additions to Arthropoda and Chordata. A Species List page has now been added. A links page is underway.

Additions to Cnidaria, Cyanobacteria, Dicots, Platyhelminths and rotifers. 229 species are currently online.

Additions to Cnidaria and Dicots, corrections to Vermileo sp.

Addition of several species and change frontpage to make navigation easier. There are more updates coming up so please check back from time to time.

Changed software version of Coffeecup and had to review text size and colour on all pages. This has delayed additions to the different section. However now things are back to normal. This is not the only change as some species names have been updated.

More additions to Flora, Fauna and general updates to make navigation easier with larger icons (see Mollusca alphabetical list). Total number of species is just over 200.

More additions to Flora and Fauna. Revision of some pages and general updates to make navigation easier. Icons are slowly being changed to larger versions. Total number of species to date is 185 (72 Fungi, 35 Flora, 78 Fauna).

More additions to Fungi (3 species), Flora (4 species) and Fauna (2 species).

Additions to Flora.

Additions to fungi (Peziza vesciculosa, Geoglossum fallax) and more additions to Flora, updated menu.

Additions to Lepidoptera, (3 species), Isopoda (1 species), .

Made some additions to the Flora.

Made a few changes on main page and some changes to improve navigation on site.

Uploaded new species in the fungi and a few changes on main page and understudy pages.

Uploaded 3 new species in the animal section and 2 species in fungi.

Updated alphabetical listings for fungi, updated new identifications made by Andreas Melzer: Coprinopsis pannucioides, Psathyrella badiophylla, Conocybe herbarum and Conocybe juniana; updated some Hygrocybe sp and added Agrocybe cylindracea.

Corrected names for two species, one a misidentification (Psathyrella badiophylla corrected to Coprinopsis lotinae) and a name update (Psathyrella conopilus to Parasola conopilus), as suggested by Andreas Melzer.

Updated menus, restarted work on fungi adding Crepidotacea, added Arthropods with Lepidoptera, made minor spelling corrections and updated dead link. Identified 2 species and updated relevant pages: Psathyrella badiophylla, Gymnopus androsaceus (=Marasmius androsaceus).

Uploaded 7 new species in the animal section and prepared a new page for species under study.

Updated website with different background, menu and some other minor changes.

Created sitemap and updated pleurobranchomorpha, reuploaded site with some link corrections (opisthobranchs2).

Uploaded site with new contact form after exhaustive testing and changes. Inserted a google search on front page. Creation of this page and preparation of a sitemap, disclaimer & privacy policy.

Uploaded site created with updated software, which resulted in several formatting problems. Reuploaded twice with several issues.

Several updates to the sacoglossa and runcinacea, which are now up to date.

Started work on the opisthobranchia after a break from the fungi (which will be continued at a later date)

Created first pages and uploaded initial pages.

Started work on website as current version.

Created first pages for testing purposes.

Started first test with a 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' page.
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