Habitat of collected species
Rhodocybe popinalis
Rhodocybe popinalis
Stipe filaments
Regular gill trama
Spores with toluidine blue stain
Spores in 10% ammonia
Rhodocybe popinalis (Fr.) Singer, 1951
CS109 Buskett (13/10/10)
Habitat - Buskett
CS219 Buskett (2/02/11)
Description: Caespitose group of medium sized agarics associated with Pinus.
Pileus: Roughly convex brownish with a greyish 'powdered' margin, evenly powdered greyish in some young specimens, fleshy, 8-27mm in diameter, setae or hairs absent.
Stipe: Cylindrical and straight but thickening towards the base in some specimens, fleshy, pale brown in colour with a greyish base, greyish white in some specimens, central to eccentric, diameter 3 - 9mm, height 14-24mm. Flesh coloured brown with a central white area (stuffed), no colour change on cutting.
Gills: Adnate to decurrent, white to cream coloured, close with lamellulae.
Spore print: Pinkish.

Pileipellis: Filamentous hyphae with external encrusting pigment.
Basidia: 2- (rare) & 4-spored with long sterigmata.
Gill Trama: Regular
Cheilocystidia: Absent.
Pleurocystidia: Absent.
Spores: Globular to angular, hyaline without germ pore, surface rough to bumpy. 5.6-7.3µm x 4.7-5.6µm width, Q: 1.10-1.42, Qm=1.21.
Index Fungorum
AMB Forum
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Stipe-filamentous hyphae
2-Spored basidium
Spores (in 10% ammonia)
Gill trama
Spores (Toluidine blue)
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