Crinipellis scabella
Gymnopus androsaceus = Marasmius androsaceus
Marasmius sp.1
Marasmius sp.2
The Marasmiaceae is a diverse family of saprobic basidiomycetes consisting of over 50 genera a number of which are monotypic (with only 1 described species). These fungi can grow on leaf litter, twigs, branches and trunks.

In general the stipe of these fungi is tough. Members of this family all have white spores and can vary in size from very small to large. One interesting character of some Marasmiaceae is the ability to revive a specimen by the addition of water. This is called marcescence and is well known in
Marasmius. Many species of Marasmius can shrivel up when dry (usually in a short interval of time particularly if the specimens are growing on substrates which hold little water) but on rehydration swell up reviving back to the previous condition .

Recently genera belonging in the family Omphalotaceae have been transfered to Marasmiaceae. An interesting member of the Marasmiaceae is
Omphalotus olearius which grows on Olive tree trunks is known to bioluminesce a green colour.
Representative species
Marasmius sp.2
Gymnopus androsaceus
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Crinipellis scabella
Marasmius sp.1