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The following are most of the links which are scattered around this website. Some like indexfungorum are purely taxonomic in nature and a number are mainly photographic. However a number of websites, like Andrea Melzer's site, are specialised and contain useful and reliable information. In addition some link to the main page, but other links are more specific and the user is left to discover the contents of that particular site. If you have a website and wish to include it on this page please contact us with details.

Note that links to external web sources do not constitute any endorsement or recommendation of any material contained therein or any services provided. Whilst every effort is done to ensure that the links provided are current, broken links may be present due to the dynamic nature of the internet. If you come across any broken links we would appreciate if you can point these out by contacting us.

GENERAL - different pages, which are non-existent on the English version, may be found on the German, French, Italian or Spanish pages.