CS30 Inocybe sp.1
CS30 Inocybe sp.1
CS30 Inocybe sp.1
CS179 Inocybe sp.1
CS179 Inocybe sp.1
CS180 Inocybe sp.1
CS179 TS Gill
4-spored basidia
CS180 Pleurocystidia
CS180 Cheilocystidia
CS180 Spores
CS180 Clamp connection
Inocybe sp.1
CS30 Wied il-Luq (16/12/09)
Description: Medium sized agaric, scattered, growing on soil very close to kaki trees (Diospyros kaki) or bay leaf tree (Laurus nobilis) and poplar (Populus alba), under grass.

Pileus: Convex to flat, umbonate to centrally depressed, fibrillous, with cracking centre, breaking up in patches, ocassionally splitting surface showing white flesh in some areas; 14-40mm diameter.
Stipe: Pale coloured, almost straight (slight thickening towards the base), finely pruinose; 1.5-5mm diameter, 29-45mm height.
Gills: Adnate, close, dull brown in colour, l=1-3
Spore print: Dull brown to cinnamon.

Pileipellis: Filamentous (with internal pigment) hyphae.
Basidia: Mainly 4-spored.
Cheilocystidia: Abundant - fusoid with apical incrustations; 52-66µm x 11-17µm
Pleurocystidia: Present - fusoid with apical incrustations; 53-73µm x 11-14µm
Spores: Ellipsoid to limoniform, brown, without germ pore, rough;
(7.8) 8.8-10.6 (11.1)µm x 5.4-6.8µm; Q=1.46-1.89, Qm=1.62.
TS of gill
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CS179 Wied il-Luq (7/1/11)
CS180 Wied il-Luq (7/1/11)
4-spored basidia
Clamp connection