CS139 Hygrocybe sp3.
CS139 Hygrocybe sp3.
CS139 Hygrocybe sp3.
CS139 Hygrocybe sp3.
Pileipellis - upper & middle layers
Gill trama
Spores in Melzer's reagent
Hygrocybe sp.3
Description: Solitary to scattered, medium sized waxy caps, on calcareous soil under Olive trees.
Pileus: Conical to flat with irregular shape, bright yellow to orange to red in colour, dry, splitting irregularly centrally, smooth; 30-62mm in diameter.
Stipe: Straight, yellow to orange in colour but with a white base, dry, hollow centrally; 8-12mm diameter, 40-60mm height.
Gills: Free to emarginate, pale yellow to orange, medium crowded to distant, thick.

Pileipellis: Consists of 3 layers:- an upper layer consisting of thin interwoven hyphae, followed by a layer of thick parallel hyphae and a lower layer of thick interwoven hyphae, several crystals embedded between hyphae.
Gill trama: Regular.
Cheilocystidia: Absent.
Pleurocystidia: Chrysocystidia present.
Caulocystidia: Uncommon filamentous.
Spores: Ellipsoid almost rectangular, hyaline, rough in ammonia (10%); 9.8-13.0µm x 5.2-7.9µm, Q=1.60-2.10, Qm=1.89.

This specimen appears close to H. quieta but differs by the larger spores.
CS139 Wied Dalam (2/11/10)
Pileipellis-upper & middle layers
CS139 Wied Dalam (2/11/10)
CS139 Wied Dalam (2/11/10)
CS139 Close up of another specimen
Gill trama
Spores in Melzer's
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