Crepidotus variabilis
Simocybe haustellaris
Simocybe sp.1
The family Crepidotaceae is a small family of saprobotic fungi most of which belong in the genus Crepidotus. There have been a number of revisions recently in the light of DNA analysis and the inclusion of Simocybe in this family is not always recognised.

In general the pellis of the basidiomata is filamentous, the basidiospores are ferruginous to ochraceous in colour and without a germ pore, and the stipe is eccentric, lateral or absent in many species. Cheilocystidia are always present. Members of
Simocybe are generally stipitate with an olivaceous tint.

The genera included in this family are
Crepidotus, Simocybe, and the small genus Pleuroflammula (in America and Asia).

Representative species
Crepidotus variablilis
Simocybe haustellaris
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Simocybe sp.1