Clytia sp. on Eudendrium sp and Clytia linearis
Clytia sp growing on Clytia linearis
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Clytia sp.
Wied iz-Zurrieq, 5m depth
This species of Clytia is considered as a new undescribed species by Soto Àngel and Peña Cantero in the following paper published (2013) presented on page 192 and figures 6i-l in the same publication. This very small stolonal species is seen growing all over an unidentified Eudendrium sp and Clytia linearis. It was also found growing on Dynamena disticha. It has previously been recorded from the Chafarinas Islands.

The photographic material taken at the time is unfortunately not of the expected quality. However the specimen listed here is described in more detail in the above mentioned publication by Soto Àngel and Peña Cantero.
Wied iz-Zurrieq, 5m depth