CS144_Agaricus sp1
CS144_Agaricus sp1
Colour change on cap
Stipe flesh
4-Spored basidia
Agaricus sp.1
CS144 Majjistral Park, Bugibba (6/11/10)
CS144 Majjistral Park (6/11/10)
Description: Solitary, large agaric, under grass close to Olive trees and reeds.
Pileus: Flat, fleshy with white velar remnants at edge of cap and with brown coloured fibrils on cap, coloured darker near the centre, diameter 110mm. Flesh whitish but without colour change on cutting.
Stipe: Thick and fleshy with flaring ring, tapering towards the base. Diameter 24mm, height 145mm. Flesh white changing immediately on cutting to red (above ring) and bright yellow at the base. Base of stipe has yellowish streaks before cutting. Yellow colour on cutting fades after some time.
Gills: Free, crowded, chocolate coloured.
10% KOH: Cap - colour change to yellow; Stipe - cap area colour change to red, ring area to base a change to bright chrome yellow colour.
Smell: Cap - mushroomy; Stipe (on cutting) - faint but persistent, slightly acrid, not phenolic and not distinctive.

Basidia: 4-spored.
Pileipellis: Irregular thin hyphae with encrustations.
Cheilocystidia: Absent.
Pleurocystidia: Absent.
Gill trama: Subregular
Spores: Ellipsoid, dark brown without germ pore, smooth. 5.1-6.3µm x 3.9-4.7µm width, Q: 1.25-1.45, Qm=1.34.

This specimen appears close to A. praeclaresquamosus
Cap with 10% KOH
Stipe flesh freshly cut
4-Spored basidia
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